Another idea for rice which is not up to standards: Rice Pie

If your rice is too wet or even too crunchy, burnt or otherwise not usable as run-of-the-mill side dish, then take the gunk, lump, pile, etc. of rice product, season it fairly heavily (naturally in fitting with your meal) and then dump it all in a pan with already hot oil.

Treat the mass now like a pancake batter. Let the underside brown very lightly. By this time, your rice pie should hold together. When it's ready, flip the whole thing at once and brown the other side. Each time you flip, you should mash all the rice to perfectly fit the pan. Keep flipping until both sides are nicely (lightly) evenly browned and you are fairly sure that the middle is also lightly cooked, then flip it onto a plate.

To garnish, sprinkle basil, cayenne pepper, powdered sugar, whatever, based on your ealier seasonings and your meal in general.

Makes for an interesting side-dish, though it doesn't help much if something was supposed to go on top of the rice. But it's definitely a way to salvage a mistake (not, of course, that I've ever done that myself).

Happy Eating! -fb