I was just at this airport (EWR is the abbreviation used by airlines). I live just outside Philly so I usually go to Philadelphia International Airport. Since I didn't actually fly through this airport so I can't give a perfect opinion on this place. Also, it was nighttime so maybe some of the not-so-great workers were on duty.

The reason I went to Newark was that my cousin was about to leave the country and I hadn't seen her for a long time and this might have been the last chance for a long time. Because of this my dad decided that we should drive the 2 hours to see her during her stopover.

This place was really bad, especially when compared to philly International. Driving around the place was horrible. I swear it was some kind of experiment. There were some scientists high in one of the towers watching how the cars tried to travel around the parking lots like they were mice in a maze. Getting into one terminal's parking and then out of the airport was simple, but moving between parking lots was insane. The really odd thing was that the way the lots were originally designed it is possible, but, for some reason, everything was blocked and closed off.

Then there were the staff there. Everyone in the stores and in the parking lots were idiots. They didn't speak english correctly even though they lived here (no accents) most of their lives. They all seemed to have some kind of thinking disorder that prevented them from putting any reasonable thoughts together and then expressing them. I've met dumb people but these people were some of the dumbest and seemed to all be concentrated at this airport. I'm still having trouble dealing with how stupid the entire airport seemed to be.

When I was there they were in the process of building a monorail and a renovating so I hope that the place will improve. The one thing I'm sure of is that I never want to go to this airport ever again.