...or JAX for short, the main airport in Jacksonville, Florida. Although JAX is not a major airport by Floridian standards (there are five other airports in the state that are considerably larger), it is growing steadily and expects to exceed its design capacity of 6 million annual passengers by the end of the decade.

The airport opened in 1968, replacing the older Imeson Airport. Despite its name, it has no scheduled international services at the moment: its "international" aspects are restricted to United States Customs facilities for air cargo operators and private aircraft. The airport also has facilities for the Air National Guard.

JAX is located north of the city, just off of Interstate 95. There is no public transportation to the airport: if you fly into JAX, you either need to rent a car or hire a taxi, unless your hotel provides a shuttle.

Airlines and Destinations


7/25: 10,000' x 150'
13/31: 7,701' x 150'


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