A major airport located in Atlanta, Ga. The place is huge, friggin huge. Travelers can navigate around this airport using a small subway system that has an automated departure-announcement system that sounds like the daleks from Dr.Who, or they can choose to use the miles of moving side walks, which is much more fun. Also features a plethora of fine eating establishments like Chilli's, and a fine array of shops (I think they may have an Electronics Boutique).

Atlanta plays host to my second-favorite airport - The Atlanta Internation Airport. Concourses A and B are dedicated to Delta and affiliated airlines with intra-national flights, concourse E is start and ending point for many international journeys. The airports main point of oddity, though, is the little subway which connects the concourses. One descends into the connecting hallway and choses between a horizontal escalator-type-thing and the aforementioned subway. If one chooses the latter, a stereotypical robot voice will announce: "Stand back. The doors are closing and will not re-open. - The next stop is concourse _. Concourse _." Oh. And the doors do re-open.

If you're traveling within the nation on Delta, you can be fairly certain to pass through concourse B. The food is overpriced, but not as grossly as any independent 'restaurant' in concourse E. If you have the time and don't want to spend much, there's a Pizza Hut and Burger King with regular prices in concourse E, everything else is through the roof. The duty-free is also in concourse E and offers a great way to blow an hour or two gazing at gadgets. The bookstore, though, is forgettable - try the ones in concourse B.

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