Located at the southern tip of Manhattan near Battery Park, the DMH consists of Pier 6 and an attached barge that can collectively accommodate 12 helicopters at once. Administered by the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey since 1960, it is one of the largest civilian heliports in the United States, and being located near Wall Street, it caters to the most unique air travel market in the country.

New York Helicopter used to run scheduled service from Manhattan to John F. Kennedy International Airport, but fell into defunct corporate oblivion several years ago. Now there are only three large-scale users of the DMH: courier service DHL, Dow Jones, and the Liberty Helicopters charter service. Private pilots also use the heliport: Mike Bloomberg was known to fly from DMH to Baltimore on a regular basis.

Traffic at the DMH is generally correlated to the success of the stock market. The heliport experienced record usage spikes in 1986 and 1999, when annual movements approached 30,000: now the number is closer to 20,000.

http://www.libertyhelicopters.com/charter.html - Liberty Helicopters

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