Well? Exactly, there are none.

There seems to be an unwritten (AFAIK) rule in Hollywood that states that the "good guys" team, no matter how humourously untalented, winsome, obese, or generally unlikely to win, will always manage to score that one last point that wins the game and the championship. Furthermore, this part of the game must be shown in protracted slow motion, preferably with flashbacks to the coach and the dying star player's mother hammily mouthing platitudes. I think it would be quite possible that anybody going to see a baseball movie would be prepared to ask for their money back if Kevin Costner's* team didn't win. There is a rumour that once there was a baseball film where the hero's team lost, but everybody involved with its production mysteriously disappeared. It should be noted at this juncture that the Teamsters, the Mafia, and the Illuminati have never had any involvement in Baseball Movies.

* It's always Kevin Costner. Or Whoopi Goldberg. Or somebody equally lame.
N.B. : Definitions of winning, sport, movie, underdog, soy and Kevin Costner may vary.