In every branch of computer RPGs, naming your character is a potential minefield.

In the English language version of Chrono Trigger on the SNES, names could only have five characters, rendering the protagonist with the slightly contracted monicker of "Crono". Square games are some of the only RPGs that allow you to name all your party members (Ultima never does this, and Shining Force* offers it as a cheat mode).

Ironically, Square purists insist on playing through the games with the default character names (obviously this helps you discuss the game with other players). The games always introduce a new character with a contrived lead-in such as "Meet my friend, you know, what's his name..." and then you get a very brief description of the character to help guide your naming decisions.

Faselei! on the Neo Geo Pocket Color allows you to choose a name and a callsign, but helpfully doesn't inform you that only the callsign is used to tell players apart in multiplayer. You can also name all your mechs, which is fun, if you can think up suitably inappropriate names for 40ft. combat robots. (Like FLUFFY.)

In Frontier (Elite 2), your name was the same as that of your save game, ridiculously. This lead to gravestones being presented for Commanders GOTOSOL, GOTLASER, NEWSHIP and GETMONEY and many others.

Some PC RPG's especially very story-oriented ones, don't let you name your characters at all. Raymond E. Feist's Betrayal at Krondor would have lost some of its gravitas if BUMFACE the mage and NOBHEAD the thief had set out on the quest, I suppose.

To satisfy everyone, Deus Ex gives you a character name (JC Denton) as a codename, still allowing you to enter your 'real' name. Of course, this actually had the effect of both sides of the argument complaining about it. Sometimes you just can't win.

The best naming system in any game was definitely Howzat! on the ZX Spectrum. It allowed you to enter long, meaningful names for all the members of your team. Such as WILLYBAT, GOGOGOGOGOFOO and WOBBBLYTREE.

*In the Shining Force games, your character's default name was BOWIE. Which is pretty cool.