It's LASER TAG time baby!!! I just got invited to my girlfriend's little brother's birthday party. It'll be cool, he (tim) is turning 12 and all of his friends are gonna sleep over at his house. in the invitation their mother made a little p.s. at the bottm saying that she doesnt think that dave, their father will probably not let me do the sleep-over part though. damn!! oh well, there's always his 13th b-day. hehe.

I had another great day at my new job today!! yay!! i actually got it to waste some time durring the day. before i never did my reading for school, so i figured that if i got a job, then i'd have less time. so then i'd have to prioritize the shit i had to do. it amazing how you dont spend hours upon hours sitting in front of the computer wasting my mind into nothingness. so now i jsut spend the precious time i do get to spend on the computer noding. ok it's simpsons time. later ya'll.