Well, I broke down today. I actually got on aol and began browsing the internet personals (insert ooo-ing and aww-ing now). I know i know, how sad am i. I do have to admit that i have done it before, but never because i felt like i needed to. I did it before to meet girls because i felt that i desperatly needed a girlfriend. That was then. Now i just need to get out and meet some new people. Allbeit the personal ads that i responded to just happened to be girls between the ages of 18 and 21, and who were also within 35 miles of my home area code, but so what... girls are people too right!?! Either way, i've done it now, and there's no changing the past. Besides, you never know who youre going to meet out there. The way that i see it, everyone has a story to tell, and a uniqueness that only they posess. Friends are the kind of thing that you can never have to many of.