There was something special about the Amiga. A community of un-paralleled creativity and technical innovation formed around this machine. The user experience it afforded was and in my opinion still is unique.

Intuition, the machine's high level graphics/UI / windowing toolkit was amazing.

To me, Deluxe Paint IV on the Amiga was the ultimate evolution in real time interactive painting applications - I have yet to see anything modern equal it.

Note that I'm not suggesting it did what Photoshop does, it's a different niche, and The Gimp fills that bill anyway.

The games were pretty cool, too. Dr. J. and Larry Bird go One on One, Archon, Marble Madness, Shadow of the Beast.

For its time it was truly beautiful. Then the company was taken over by an idiot who didn't care about the computer or its community. He robbed the company dry and fled to warmer climes.

For many of us, those will always be the good old days.