I had exactly this problem but for different reasons. My name used to be really really cute. It was Katie Mack.

People used to write songs about my cutie wootie name in school - hits like Potatie Katie Mack Skatie and Katie Mack's from Idaho!

My husband's name however, is Peterson.
Katie Mack, Katie Peterson
Katie Mack, Katie Peterson

See? the flow just doesn't work and flow is what it's all about...

I'm sure that if did the numerology on Katie Mack v. Katie Peterson Katie Mack would be a 93 (meaning a cutie wootie) while Katie Peterson would be a 41 (meaning weird ugly girl). So what was my solution you ask?

Well, I answer, I changed my entire name altogether. It is now Kate Peterson. This adds up to a 23 (the number of perfection) and sounds like a cool movie star.

Anyway, that was my solution. Hope this can help someone out there who is shallow and vain like me.

Of course my name is Kate, but I changed all the last names so you scary internet people dont try to stalk me like I saw on the news