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Spicy like the chicken,
Hungry like the wolf
and Stupid like a Fox

Alternate E2 drinking game: Drink a beer. Write a node. Wait ten minutes. If the node has a positive rep, drink a beer. If it has a negative rep, do a shot. If it has been nuked, do two shots. Repeat until you pass out, and inspect the results the next morning.

drinkypoo is an alias for a certain Martin. He was drink as far back as 1991 A.D. but since then drink has become overloaded. If nothing has changed you can learn more about drink by going to with your web browser. Possible alternates include

I am not an XP Whore. I have plenty of XP, it's writeups I need.

I live in Kelseyville, California, in the USA. I am a pretty damned knowledgeable person. I have a head for geekish trivia. I am also an arrogant smart-ass. I do my best to make up for this flaw by using my powers for good.

To contact me, try sending mail to

In case anyone is wondering, the things I downvote for: A dearth of links (though not softlinks, those will happen over time), badly misspelled words (especially picking the wrong homonym), and cut and paste nodes with no in-depth commentary. C&Ping someone's lyrics or a chapter of their book is silly, I can find that information somewhere else. Copying it and then discussing its ramifications is actually useful.

Copyright Notice: You may reuse the contents of my writeups for other purposes in full for non-commercial use provided that you credit me as "Martin Espinoza <>". Permission for commercial use must be granted in writing.

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