To me, things like Yellow #5 and gelatin cross the line over into food additives, and I eat them without guilt. If I don't know whether or not something has meat, but it looks and tasts like it doesn't, I'll eat that. If I find out it does have meat, I spit out the last mouthfull into the garbage and don't eat the rest, but hey, by that time that means I've eaten some meat. I never said I was a strict vegetarian, and with so many 'vegetarians' out there who on closer examination turn out to 'not eat red meat' or 'only eat fish' or something, I'm probably not doing too badly, and neither are you guys. Anyway, I'm there for health, not bunny-hugging reasons.

PS: One of the funniest things I've ever heard of was Ted Nugent organizing a hunting event where the venison was donated to homeless shelters. Kinda like saying to the whiners: "So, who's more important now, huh? The poor people or the poor deer? Chew on that one."