A word I just saw for the first time in a writeup by bonnet (over in half-assed vegetarian), and quite liked it, enough that I felt it should be noded and made available to infect the lexicons of Everythingers everywhere (yes, I'm starting to like "Everythinger" instead of "Everythingian" or "Everythingite").

One's illusionspace is the worldview one operates under, with the recognition by the speaker (who may indeed be the inhabitant of the illusionspace) that all worldviews are rife with self-delusions and convenient falsehoods, and this one is no different. Depending on how militant or confident you are about religion, it could be an illusionspace, for example.

I think I just like words that make it easier to self-deprecate and/or sit on the fence a lot. This probably doesn't speak well for my self-confidence.

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