It never fails to remind me just how stupid people are when I see that there are "31337 pr0ggi3z" for AIM.

I have some people I know IRL who are AIM script kiddies. I've seen some of the exploits and they are so incredibly lame and all depend on the incompetence of AOL programmers.

Examples of "exploits" that work on the Windows AIM client:
̂ - This will cause older AIM clients to try to store 770 in an unsigned char.
<img src="A:\crashme.bmp"> - assumes the user is running Windows and there is no floppy disk in the drive.

I have watched exploit after exploit fail to affect gaim while people look at me as if I am a god, wondering why it didn't kick me off, as if these are actually server-side or something. It disgusts me to think that people think this is what "hacking" is, and that the people who write these programs actually have a brain.