For one reason or another some pricks out there decided to DoS attack the IRC network Undernet. First they attacked the CService bots X and W. Once those were taken down they proceeded to attack Undernet servers individually. Most Undernet servers were being voluntarily hosted by ISPs or other companies, and because of this most promptly stopped hosting them. Even still, the attackers continued to flood the ISP or company. Though I forget the exact numbers, the original number of servers was something like 80 and has now dropped to the low 20's.

Apparently the attackers aren't some lame script kiddies using NetZero either. According to past reports on they're very well connected lame kiddies- with mutiple +T3 connections.

The result of the attacks has caused the number of good, stable servers to drop off the list, causing much higher demand on some of the less stable ones. X and W have also dissapeared, leaving channel owners to run tons of clones and bots to keep their channel; which further causes an increased load on the servers. Undernet's webpage has reported that new CService bots will appear soon, but are still reluctant to confirm a date.

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