After listening to a very funny argument between two script kiddies who had no idea how WINS or DNS worked, I thought I'd node it.

WINS                       DNS
+ Resolves NetBIOS names   + Resolves host names to
  to IP addresses.           IP addresses

+ Only translates the      + Can do a reverse lookup
  NetBIOS name to the IP     (IP address to host name)

+ Registers client names   + Must be manually configured
  and IP addresses           with the static names and
  automatically as they      IP addresses.

+ Keeps all names in one   + Keeps names in fully qualified
  large flat name space      domain name hierarchical
  and only shares them       structures that are recognized
  with pre-configured        and registered throughout the
  replication partners.      Internet.

+ Used primarily for       + Used primarily on the Internet
  Microsoft clients on       and on intranets using TCP/IP
  Microsoft networks.        addressing/hosts.

+ Lets each client         + Admins can create different
  register their name        aliases for the same host.

+ Facilitates domain 
  related functions like
  browsing and logging
  on to domains.

DNS is used mostly for static IP addresses and resources that do not change, such as servers and gateways. DNS should not be used for a DHCP system because the IP addresses can change hourly. When you register a domain and have it hosted, it can take 2-3 days for the new IP address to get distributed to all the DNS servers. You can always just type in the IP address to get to your domain, but the domain name associated with it takes time get updated.

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