I got the best news I have recieved in a long, long time today. My good friend Lorraine, who has been bulimic for seven years, just got out of inpatient treatment at the Renfrew Center in Philidelphia and is doing very well.

The IM from her was totally unexpected, but so very welcomed. I suddenly went from being tired and lethargic to manic and happy and fast moving/typinc. So I asked her a bunch of questions about her stay, and I'm happy to say that it was a good one and she learned a lot about herself and has everything under control.

God, I am SO relieved! I had these nightmares about my friend stuck in a white/seafoamgreen sterile hospital looking room with people monitoring her all day, and evil creepy people wandering in all the time. I imagined her without any privacy, having someone escorting her to the bathroom at all times and big fat nurses named Helga forcefeeding them baby food.

Lorraine, I am so glad you are doing well. This was the best thing I could possibly hear.