I'll never forget once fingered so salty and tongued slick
or those times we sounded what skin tastes while.
Your viscosity, my gravity, fell oozed ecstatic composition;
her cavity, his variety; vacate uniforms and fertilize the void.

Eternal. Internal. Infernal. Ethereal.
Within hasty alone together alone awkward, static cling?
Insulate, conjugate, intimate, desolate.

Their acidity, our freshness; fondle decadence and solve the flower;
Mother full and Father wet, blue dense solemn combination.
Once smell prickles up and shiver gritties down,
we bittered and looked so tasty, I'll never remember time's body.

Copyright © 2001 by Dayton Van Houten III, all rights reserved, used with permission, blah blah blah.

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