Oatmeal. Not warm, it makes you feel good on a winter's day Oatmeal. Not sweet with brown sugar oatmeal. I am talking about cold, sitting too long because you had to feed the dogs oatmeal. Clumpy and luke warm.

That is how today feels. My roomate is out of town and I am here taking care of the house and the animals. With a cold and a TV that doesn't work when it rains. And it's raining.

Nothing tastes good, nothing smells right and my energy level, never particularly good, is now zero. I am getting to know my couch quite well. The air smells stale and the music on the radio is scratchy and unclear. The newspaper is full of terror stories and I don't see any movie I want to go see. I've got a bad taste in my mouth I want to get rid of, but can't. Yet. I need some Captain Crunch. Or something.