I guess there isn't too much to tell. At about a quarter to four this afternoon, my boss said "I have some bad news - we're going to have to let you go." I said ha-ha-ha and then "early, right?" He said "well, yes, that too, but..." and I immediately knew. See, he's made that joke before, teased me that he's letting me go when really he just means I can go home early that day. I just assumed he was making the same joke again. He talked on for a little bit, explaining that they don't want me back on Monday and I will get two weeks' severance pay and have a nice life. He gave me a letter, which I assumed explained why they were letting me go, so I didn't ask him anything. I stuck around for another half an hour getting all my files off the computer (I forgot to kill all of the web cookies, dammit), and my boss went back to being his chatty self. I was too upset to respond, all I could think was you've just fired me and now you're telling me about your plans for the weekend? When I was done at the computer I handed over all my keys and walked out as he said "good luck..." behind me. Yeah, whatever.

I didn't look at the letter until I was sitting on the Metro. To my dismay, it was just a termination agreement with the usual 'you will not sue us, you will not disclose our confidential information' crap. I will at least be able to secure unemployment with that thing. I fought to keep from crying on the way home, and plowed through the last few pages of The Nanny Diaries. When I got off the bus, A was waiting as usual, but I could tell she already knew. It turned out our friend C in New York had left a message on the machine explaining what happened (I'd told him online because I needed to vent quickly), and when she got out of the car to hug me I said "let'sjustgohomeplease" and I immediately dragged her upstairs and onto the bed so I could bury my face in her shoulder and wail.

We talked it over and reviewed the letter and all of that, and I calmed down a little. I was still pretty upset, though, so I had my girlfriend call my mom and they talked for a bit. After I had quieted down more, I talked to my mom too. Once we were done, we headed out to Baskin-Robbins for frozen yogurt. I know it was an unnecessary expense and unnecessary use of Weight Watchers points, but cost less than $5 for both of us, and I wanted frozen yogurt, dammit. After we got back the phone rang constantly and we both spent a lot of time talking on the phone with various people.

I have mostly calmed down by now, though I'm still pretty upset. I was already hivey because my immune system was busy killing the cold, and the stress made it a lot worse. It was a bad night to challenge the Advil (crying had given me an awful headache), because now we can't tell if all these hives were partly caused by the Advil (we're hoping to rule this out eventually) or if it's just illness and major serious stress. I didn't go to the Deaf Professional Happy Hour tonight, of course, but we are still going to the cat show tomorrow morning and I'll go to the ASL dinner tomorrow night too. I'll see my friend R there, which is good...we won't be able to have lunch together several times a week anymore, and since his class is Tuesday/Thursday I won't see him very much at all. I'm also cutting down my Netflix queue and will be canceling that soon, so the MTNetflixQueue plugin will no longer be of any use to me. I'm trying to look at the bright side. I never did like that place. I can find a better job. I can get all that writing done. I will get another job.

(Okay, I guess there was a lot to tell.)