Thank you, E2.

Daylogging kind of scares me - I usually just babble in my LiveJournal - but I wanted to record my excitement over something that came about as a result of noding.

While working on my Kerri Strug writeup, I wondered what kind of vault she had performed to win the gold. I found her e-mail address in Stanford's online directory and wrote a message, but then completed the writeup before hearing back. Today she actually wrote back!


My Vault was a 1 1/2 twisting roundoff entry vault. You were right!

I hope you are enjoying your tim ein DC and wish the best of luck...

Kerri Strug

I'm quite giddy over getting a response. I've written to famous people for years and only sometimes heard back, usually with a form letter. But she really did write to me, and even if it was short I'm still delighted. I'm so glad I decided to do that writeup.