A daylog seemed the most appropriate way to let the E2 community know why I haven't been around as much lately as I used to be.

For the past three years I have suffered from chronic urticaria, a condition much more life-arresting than it sounds. Because all the antihistamine medications and steroids stopped working, I have been without relief for a few months and without medication at all for a couple of weeks. It's an exhausting disease, made even more so by the fact that itching keeps me up several nights a week. I've been nearly useless at work for a while, and when I get home I either take drugs and go to sleep or distract myself for as long as I can. My brain has been like runny oatmeal lately, and the research and formal writing I usually put into my writeups has seemed far too daunting a task.

The good news is that I'll be making the nine-hour drive to Charleston, SC this weekend. I have an appointment there Monday morning at 8am, with the guru of chronic urticaria. If anyone can help me, he can - and if he can't, nobody can. Hopefully, though, I will at least get some relief and can return to noding instead of working on a regular basis.