This is my first daylog entry and I didn't think that I'd ever write in here, but I feel that I need to express myself with the hope that I'll work things out.

Yesterday a child was hit by a car about 50 meters down my street. I drove past the incident and saw what happened and I wasn't phased at all. I saw a dead child, a twisted bike and a dented white car, but nothing really happened in my head. Actually, I think that I thought to myself that the kid deserved it for not looking both ways.

And then, a few hours later, my best friend asked me to do him a favor and try to feel some sympathy. When he did that I realised that I didn't really care!

I child who had lived for less than 10% of the average person's life died and I couldn't care less! There's something not right here! I should be feeling something!!

Or perhaps I am just becoming a heartless barstard