This is where I live, This is exactly how it feels...

"What happens is, you focus on what's happening here and now. You live in the moment and open your senses. You are aware of what’s around you. You evaluate what’s likely to happen next on a short term basis. Because of this, great conversations happen in lines at the airport, waiting for the shuttle, everywhere. "

Didn’t it seem surreal? I was asked when I returned. No, it didn’t. It seemed real. The gray cold fog and absolute quiet of the empty streets of my hometown seemed surreal, not the heightened sense of being vibrantly alive in a place you love.

We never know what's coming next. Most of the time, though, we don’t really know that we don’t know. In Israel you know that you don't know what’s next and that compels you to live in the present."

I ran into this on Richard Thieme's diary / blog on, I wish I could take credit for writing it,.

Posted with permission from Richard himself.