EDUCATION. Australia. Technical and Further Education. Generally speaking, alternative tertiary education centres

TAFE offers a wide variety of courses and subjects to study, in just about all the standard subjects, and you either have the option of continuing there or transferring to university in second-year.

Many snobs look down on TAFE, and think that this is where you go if you can't get into university. However TAFE owns. In a nutshell, it offers everybody an access to tertiary education, something akin to an extension of your basic human rights. Not only that, it's way cheaper than uni, and involves a helluva lot less work.

TAFE, or Technical and Further Education institutions, provide an alternative post school form of education. TAFE is generally considered by most university attendants to be for 'dumb' people.

In truth, TAFE is better in some aspects of education, while university is better in others.

TAFE is considered to be hands-on education, that teaches what the industry requires, generally without or with very little reference to textbooks.

Universities, on the other hand, teach in entirely the opposite manner; they teach according to text books, and then hope that what they have taught meets industry requirements (which it generally does, at least in the case of Information Technology).

It should be noted that subjects such as medicine can't be taken at TAFE, while subjects involving carpentry for example, can't be learned at university.

TAFE is also often the choice for companies who wish employees to receive additional training, not only because what is taught is considered cutting edge as far as industry is concerned (again, at least in the case of Information Technology), but because it is inherently cheaper than university.

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