VCAL - Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning

Education, Victoria, Australia

The VCAL, or Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning, is the product of yet another reinvention of the Victorian secondary education system. Primarily designed to give students who do not wish to undertake further (tertiary) study, or who wish to enter the workforce directly after secondary school, a high school certificate.

The counterpart of the VCE or Victorian Certificate of Education, it focuses on more technical or workplace related learning and is sometimes administered at least partially at TAFE institutions.

Yet another retooling of the Victorian secondary education system, this being something like the fifth time in about 10 years. The focus on either technical or academic learning, (at least in the public school system) seemingly fluctuating depending on which political party is currently in power. With Labour, (ALP) it's technical education implementation, or at least integration, and with the Liberal's the focus seems to be on academic studies or even the abandonment of public schooling. (see Jeff Kennet, Former Premier of Victoria, wanker & voracious Melbourne modder)

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