Please read December 4, 2001 if you ever read this.

God, I can’t stand my parents or my brother… I am 23 years old already, and I still can’t stand them. My life would be so much better if I communicated with them less… but I would feel like a horrible son and brother if I did that.

So I am doomed, and everything I talk to them, I go insane, EVERY… TIME….

My brother got home Sunday, today is Tuesday, I can’t stand his guts, and I haven’t seen him for a year…. He drives me insane… and we only met once since he got back.

He almost broke my finger.

I mean, wasn’t this supposed to all end a few years ago?

Will I hate my parents forever?

And no… I’m not blowing off steam… I always feel like this deep down inside, they just keep reminding me, again and again and again.

Maybe I am a sociopath, I feel no love.

I barely speak to my father… I’d be better off if I did the same with the rest. I fight with my mother whenever we do speak.

Other people are easier to get along with.