It’s just a football game. That’s all

I missed it, I planned on getting home from work, going to sleep a few hours and waking up to watch the Superbowl at the local tourist pub all night,.

But I got home and “she” said she might come over, and I thought… the Superbowl always sucks anyways and I haven’t been following the NFL much this year.

At 23:30 I called her asking her what’s up, she said she’d call me later…. At 23:45 I decided to go eat Hummus with a different friend. We went to Hummus Ashkara (the best Hummus in Tel Aviv) she confessed I was her best / second best friend (her best friend is moving to Australia in 3 weeks).

We talked, her about breaking up from her 7-year boyfriend. I talked about “her” standing me up…. Only see before I went out for the hummus, when I had just stepped out the door… “she” called…

DAMN stuff like that drives me crazy.

I have decided to stay in Israel for now. I have decided I don’t feel like moving to NY or studying in San Diego or traveling in the Far East or going back to South America.

I am realizing my mood is severely weather induced, and on cloudy morning days, I am depressed.

I played basketball last night, had Asthma and muscle aches all day today cause of it… will I learn? Should I?

Oh and yesterday, all day, damn Israelis who know nothing about football were telling me how great the damn Superbowl was…

Life isn’t ironic, it’s a sadistic joke… the more you roll with it and laugh, the better you will feel when you wake up after your death.