Another name for the geographic region known as Asia. Off the top of my head, countries that I know of in this region include:

The languages of this region are usually spoken with musical inflection, as the pitch with which a word is spoken is significant to its meaning in the sentence. Little known factoid: The percentage among the population of persons with perfect pitch is higher in the Far East than elsewhere in the world; It is assumed that this has to do with the musical quality of the spoken language. The written form of far eastern languages uses pictograms, symbolic pictures painted with roughly a dozen brush strokes each within a roughly quadratic area. I'm told that these ideograms are common to larger areas than the spoken languages, so that the Japanese and Chinese (for example) share a large common set of them and can read each other's writing although they can't understand each other's spoken language.

Predominant religions in the Far East are Buddhism and Taoism. The population density is high in the Far East, and in many areas there people lead very modest existences, sometimes subsisting on a bowl of rice per day. People of the Far East are generally "geared" to the common good rather than individual gain, or at least more so than inhabitants of the "Western world", i.e. Europe and America.

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