Woke up this morning, something didn’t feel right... Looking around I noticed something strange. My dog “Normandy” had something blue in her mouth and it was slightly dripping some red liquid that looked awfully like blood.

“Norm, Whutcha do babe?”

She looked at me with her sad Labrador puppy dog eyes.


My beautiful dog came up to me, laid her head on my leg and let go of the small fleshy item. I could now see it was actually all blue with some clothe like coverings. The red liquid was in fact blood.

I turned the blue thing around in my bed a bit, knowing that the sheets were ruined forever the minute the blue… Creature had been set upon it.

“Normandy, what did you do?!”

No movement, no sound at all


A slight whimper, she then nudges me to get out of bed, which I do for some reason, instead of inspecting the odd mutilated…. Animal? Which she had presented me.

The dog led me downstairs on the way I encountered another blue and red mess. Ignoring it, knowing that she was leading me to the answer I followed on.

Two more on the stairs, one with a sort of yellow , no, blond sort of fur or hair.

The lower hall had around 5. Here the retriever sat and just looked into the living room entrance. I inspected the 5… One of them wasn’t as disfigured as the rest.. and it hit me what they all were, Smurfs!

Another whimper, one of fear of some sort. I had never heard her make that sound.. not even when Billy Cohen’s Rottweiler had somehow gotten into his sisters stash of PCP and attacked us. She was scared for sure and she still doesn’t like me to walk her past the Cohen house and pulls me across the street. But now I actually saw some kind of fear in her eyes, the kind of terrored look that I’d assume in most cases comes right before a violent death.

I walked into the living room.

Dead Smurfs all over!

The den was even worse! Some of them were chopped in half, some missing arms or legs… one even looked as if it was thawing out from a freeze, dripping water and having a slight icy blue color. They were bigger than I had always imagined, truly “three apples tall” yet on TV they always seemed smaller.

The bathroom contained another 3, obviously burned… The little white pants singed, one of them was scorched almost beyond recognition…I heard a sort of “Plup” from the toilet. I looked over, another one, smoldered as well, probably jumped into water so as not to be totally destroyed by the fire. He had drowned and now and then a bubble would come up from his mouth. They were clearly not bubbles of breathing.

I heard a stuttering sort of sound, something human… or human-like anyway. Coming from the other room.

Running back to the living room, I now realized that it was a laugh.

An evil snicker, the kind diabolical cartoon villains would make (And maybe real ones as well…) coming from the kitchen

The snicker turned into chuckle and then into a high pitched yet sort of deep full maniacal laugh.

I went into the kitchen and was horrified. Half dead Smurfs littered the linoleum, one had a fork stuck in his back, another had a plastic bag over his head, an expression of shock stayed on his face even after the suffocation. I could see smoke coming out of the stove and heard muffled screams.

I could see one of them, with glasses in the blender, very alive and pounding the plastic walls which imprisoned him.

Standing on the counter was another dressed in red, his white beard stained in blood and his hands covered in it. He smiled at me. A very disturbing sort of grin that was akin the look my sister had before killing her boyfriend and committing suicide one August night

I now knew where the laugh was from.

Papa Smurf walked to the blender while humming to himself the way a craftsman often does while working his trade.

He looked me in the eyes again with that upsetting insane smile.


He pressed the green button