The Doug Anthony Allstars (DAAS) came out of the late 80's comedy explosion in Australia. Starting life as buskers in the ACT, they moved on to bigger and better things. Live performances gained them a regular slot on the Aunties 'The Big Gig' a slot which launched their particular brand of twisted musical comedy into the limelight.

In 1988 they were nominated for the prestigious (if you call an award for comedy prestigious) Perrier award at the Edinburgh fringe. 1991 marked the debut of their own television show, DAAS Kapital - an edgy, science fiction and just flat out weird series.

Each member of the team contributed a unique voice to the trio.

Richard Fidler, the straight man for all the jokes, the naive innocent in the face of the others perversions and also the guitarist.

Tim Ferguson, the 'Pretty one' and raving egotist.

Paul McDermott - the bad boy with the voice of an angel.

In 1994, the Dougs split up, due to Tim leaving to pursue a more family oriented life. Each member of the team has gone on to fame - Tim is now a commercial whore, slutted around from program to program and is now presenting a cheaper nastier version of "Funniest Home Videos" entitled "Unreal TV". Richard has worked for various cable television programs, and presents "Race around the world" an interesting experiment in giving young people a video camera and carte blance to film what they will as they journey around the planet. Paul has moved on to the highly sucessful Good News Week, a pseudo game show featuring a rotating line up of comics and commentators.

Classic DAAS tracks include such soulful numbers as "I wanna spill the blood of a hippie", "Necrophilia" (Neeecrophilia, Neecrophilia, Neecrophilia - rigor mortis makes me hard!) and "I fuck dogs". Confrontational? Always. But often damn funny to boot.