DAAS KAPITAL was an ABC television comedy series aired between 1991 and 1992, and created by the Doug Anthony Allstars - A comedy trio consisting of Paul McDermott, Tim Ferguson and Richard Fidler.

Set in 2006 with the Dougs being posted on board a giant submarine called the Titanic II, a huge museum of History by the Shitsu Tonka Corporation. The three boys were there to catalogue all of the artifacts on board the ship. In the first season, the ship was located under the ocean. In the second season it was shot off - rather accidentally, into space.

Only 14 episodes were made.

Chiefly written by Paul McDermott and included such characters as:
Flacco played by Paul Livingston . Flacco spends most of series one in a box, but in the second series he comes out and plays various different characters which prop up "some mediocre plot line", as he puts it.

Psycho Bob's character is preformed by Michael Petroni. Bob, appears each week, seemingly haunting Tim. He's Bob, and he's got a problem. He spends his time trying to kill things, although what it actually is remains a mystery, but in any case, Bob gets seriously injured in all the episodes, but he'll always be back.

Bob Downe is a character played by Mark Trevorrow. Bob Downe is the star of Shitsu Tonka TV. He does everything from selling things to hosting game shows and current affairs shows to doing a 'where are they now' show.

Khym Lamm plays the Shitsu Tonka newsreader. She gives reports on the state of the Shitsu Tonka world.

Paul also appears as Troy The Invincible. Each week, Troy attempts to demonstrate the class struggle, which usually ends up with him losing a body part or setting himself alight but, of course, he is always patched up by next week because he's invincible... but that's gotta hurt!

Richard plays Uncle Biff Happy in a series of advertisements trying to sell insurance for Shitsu Tonka. These ads are always accompanied by a middle class couple (played by Tim and Richard. Tim's the woman!), who say how wonderful the insurance is.

There are also a lot of claymation characters who join in the party. Thulgore is the boys' pet thing. He lives a comfortable life in the cargo hold of the Titanic II, eating the garbage and the occasional unwelcome visitor to the ship. There is also Ross, a cockroach who has a special relationship with Flacco, and then there are some other assorted cockroaches, gremlins and rats aboard.
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