I dreamt that Cole (my best friend since first grade) had moved into the town (which became a city later) I was living in. We scrounged our meager funds and invested in a tiny little wood panel house the smelt of old carpet and slightly of cigarettes. We found ourselves talking and smoking cigarettes while laughing about times past. At one point women came up in our conversation and I told him my feelings about the woman I’m in love with and a bit about how I have trouble with conveying attraction and confidence to women I meet. In a very uncharacteristic display he told me how easy it was to pick up women.

We went across the street to a variety store and he proceeded to seduce the middle aged, somewhat overweight woman that was operating the cash register with little more than two sentences. She came back home with us and in a matter of moments Cole and the lady were screwing each other’s brains out in the living room.

I retreated to my own room, contemplating the strange sounds that were coming from the room next door and smoking cigarettes in my, ashing into a glass tray (I quit smoking some year ago, and never did it indoors). A woman came into the room; an absolute vision of beauty. Slender, somewhat delicate in figure, it was by some strange dream logic that we knew each other. We had quiet conversation and reclined on the bed that I suppose was mine, getting closer and closer. I’ll save you the details but what followed was intense passionate dream-sex. All I remember about her was her dark hair, slim figure, milky skin, and soft voice.

I then found myself out on the streets on some vast, concrete and glass city. Looking for jobs, and not finding any. At one point I met one of my good friends’ older brothers, who we call Johnny-Mac. We decided that since we had not seen each other in so long that we should have a dance session. So out of dream magic, some cardboard appeared on the sidewalk and we bboyed for a while.

Another transition saw me working in a small bookstore in a mall where the manager was a slight black man whom I got along with very well. There were four other workers in the store (making it vastly overmanned in my opinion) two teenage guys and two teenage girls. I struggled to get them to help me clean the storefront and floor. The two guys were selling little USB device rechargers from under their jackets and basically refused to help clean or organize books on the shelves. I remember most distinctly mopping up sawdust (which I now realize was in the same design that I had seen next to a tree that had been chainsawed down the day earlier) and vacuuming the carpet in the store.

The final transition left me in a car, driving up a windy road with one of the girls that had been in the store with me. All I remember from this portion was the vivid green of the grass that covered the hilly terrain, and that they girl was performing oral sex upon me.