My first Lucid Dream: I was in a green fantasyland, and was near a towering red sandstone castle with bright blue lacquered roofs. I remember being there to join an army (the army). I was walking along the riverbank near the castle when I suddenly realized that I was dreaming. Normally when I come to this revelation, I blink my eyes and find myself back in bed, but to my joy, I did not awake, I found myself in the dream world.

My first impulse was to fly, so I began running along the riverbank and taking great leaps into the air, attempting to flatten myself out and fly superman style. I would launch up thirty or forty feet into the sky and then gently, slowly come back to the ground. After some time I began to grow frustrated and decide to simply move myself into the air by sheer will. So, I close my ‘eyes” and move myself into the clouds where I stay for a moment in triumph. I notice then that I’m descending back to earth at the same pace as before and finally find myself back on the ground. I walk into the castle, and though it’s fuzzy, I remember having dream-sex with a girl that had come to mind and then later talking vividly with my father and his wife about how I was having an out of body experience (which I was not) at this point I start losing my lucid state. I find myself enrolled in this army and doing marching drills under the supervision of some sort of commander. I find it very hard to move, my legs are stiff and feel like they’re in syrup.

There are chain-link fences all over the inside of the castle and they lock all us soldiers in after lights out. I meet a new best friend there: a tall black man with glasses. Everyone in the army is very, very nice and supportive. Time passes and we are on a submarine. There are aliens invading the world and we have to stop them. My friend is serving with me, we know two women who are also our friends on the ship. The commander that led the drills at the castle is the captain of the sub and he likes me a lot; we talk often, taking walks in the halls. We are learning more about the aliens; we have been at sea for months, the aliens are kind of like a zombie infection, without the zombies. They are four legged spiders from the waist down, shiny, black and blue carapace with a human torso, distorted by strange cuts and blackness. If you get infected you slowly turn into one of them. The other crew members are starting to wake up with scratches that indicate there’s an alien on board, everyone gets paranoid.

One day the captain and I are talking when he being to turn into an alien. I run and get my friend, the entire crew except me, him and our two lady friends are infected. We barricade ourselves in the torpedo room, killing giant rhino-beetles that have appeared and come after us, splattering their black-blue blood on the walls, shattering their brittle exoskeletons. We get the room sealed off, and the captain (the clever alien bastard) convinces my friend to go out and negotiate our terms of surrender. I beg him not to go, but he tells me he has a plan: he’s got explosives wired all over the ship and a detonator in his hand, if anything goes wrong, he’s gonna blow the ship and take everyone down. (great plan)

He goes out and the captain deceives him and he (my friend) decides to blow the charges. Nothing happens, but a small explosion that splatters him in a very comic way against the wall. The bombs were supposed to breach the hull, but they do basically nothing. The aliens start to come for us. I start rapidly explaining to the girls that I’m going to launch us out the torpedo tubes (great plan) and that they have to exhale the air in their lungs constantly as they surface (in the middle of the ocean, great plan) or their lungs will explode. The aliens are clawing at our flimsy barricade and then… I wake up.

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