A short explanation of the virtues of Mozilla in the context of Everything2.

I assert that Mozilla is the perfect tool for experiencing E2. It simply fits this environment like a glove. The tabbed browsing* is a godsend.

With some simple configuration, Mozilla opens a new tab when a link is clicked on with the middle mouse button. So if you are reading a long write-up, and you come across a link that sounds interesting, just click it with the middle mouse button. The link is opened up and loaded in a new tab, behind the tab you are currently reading. When you are done reading, you close the current tab to expose the tab beneath it.

You can continue this process seemingly forever. There will always be fresh write-ups in new tabs beneath your current working tab. And as you read those tabs, you will open new ones. This could ruin your life.

Additionally, you keep all of your E2 browsing in one window. There's only one Mozilla entry on the task bar, no matter how many write-ups you have open, so no more juggling dozens of browser windows. This makes node browsing at work much less conspicuous.

Finally, there are grouped bookmarks. With Mozilla you can create bookmarks composed of several tabs. So when you select that bookmark, a group of links is opened up into several different tabs. You could create a bookmark group composed of your homenode, E2 Scratch Pad, HTML Symbol Reference, Reference Desk, E2 Source Code Formatter, Text Formatter, and whatever utility nodes you may need quick access to, or any other nodes, utility or not, or any other websites at all for that matter.

If you've never even tried Mozilla, you should at least give it a shot. With a few minutes of open-minded adaptation, you will likely come to love it. Most of the people I have convinced to try Moz have eventually converted to Moz completely. Even if you don't choose it for all of your web needs, it will at least improve your E2 experience.

*For a more thorough explanation of tabbed browsing, see other write-ups in this node. Or wait until I create a new node devoted entirely to the subject.