The Mozilla Organization. More than just the website where people download mozilla from, is the community of developers that contribute to mozilla.

They describe themselves as follows:

A group exists that is chartered to act as the virtual meeting place for the Mozilla code. That group is We will provide a central point of contact and community for those interested in using or improving the source code:
  • We will provide technical and architectural direction for the project.
  • We will collect changes, help authors synchronize their work, and periodically make new source releases which incorporate the best work of the net as a whole.
  • We will operate discussion forums (mailing lists, newsgroups, or whatever seems most appropriate.)
  • We will coordinate bug lists, keep track of and publicize works in progress, and generally attempt to provide ``roadmaps'' to the code, and to projects based on the code.
  • And we will, above all, be flexible and responsive. We realize that if we are not perceived as providing a useful service, we will become irrelevant, and someone else will take our place.
  • We are not the primary coders. Most of the code that goes into the distribution will be written elsewhere, both within the Netscape Client Engineering group, and, increasingly, out there on the net, at other companies and other development organizations.

We are code integrators. And, through our forums, we will try to help people reach consensus, and thereby provide direction and coordination for future improvements.

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