An "On-line computer magazine" run by Mike Angelo (not to be confused with the ninja turtle).

MozillaQuest talks mostly about open source projects, and more often about - as the title suggests - the Mozilla browser platform, or, as MozillaQuest refers to it, the "Mozilla Browser-Suite".

However, unlike most news sources, MozillaQuest often has rather negative tone. Let me quote from their most recent news, "Mozilla Milestone 0.9.5 Browser-Suite Released", 12 October 2001:

The Mozilla Organization released a very buggy Milestone Mozilla 0.9.5 edition of its Mozilla browser-suite today, on schedule. [...]

Mozilla 0.9.5 is the buggiest Mozilla Milestone ever. For information about that, please see our article, Turbo Mode & Bugs Slow Mozilla Development to Snail's Pace subtitled Milestone 0.9.4 Delayed and Turbo/Quick-Launch Examined -- Is Mozilla Really Open Source?. get the idea. Not a single damn article gets out without a mention of massive amount of bugs. (People with this sort of phobias should change profession. Seriously. If you think of the amount of bugs in your average software product, your mind will surely get, like, totally twitched.)

They even have the bug counts displayed on the front page - a page which, actually, isn't even the height of web design, even I make better pages. Of course, Mike fails to see the true intent of Mozilla's Bugzilla system - Bugzilla lists all "issues", also duplicated or invalid bugs, and is not just used for tracking of bugs, but also the other issues like feature requests...

This is just all minor - when Mike notices that bug counts or bug report rates change somewhat, he weaves a massive tapestry of conspiracy about "sweeping bugs under carpet", and when development roadmap changes, he tries to make the change look as bad as possible - "1.0 release delayed by xxxx months!" (as if the "1.0" would be somehow significant, since 0.9.x releases worked just fine).

The web site in question is at, but you probably want to check out MozillaZine instead - or visit the hilarious parody site at (the site is available, even if it is no longer updated because they "couldn't compete with MozillaQuest's content for humour value").

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