I haven't been logging / journalling dreams in 2-3 years, but this one was too weird.

I have had this dream before, in excruciating detail. Only now I am dreaming that I am going to watch a (horror-ish / Matrix-ish) movie with my kids. This brings on anxiety because they're too young (13/10) for this material.

It's like a war. I and 2-3 friends are in a long-running series of exchanges with something evil.

Scenarios, we are trying to evade / survive. At every new step we are confronted with some variant on a huge insect (these seem to actually be man-made drones which may contain small agents hostile too us.

A car which a moment ago was flying and is piloted by a friend, chased by the evil overturns and grinds to a halt, throwing sparks as the roof disintegrates. My friend cannot be alive, it's greusome, I worry for my kids, who are watching this movie that I seem to be in.

In a moment of relative calm I stop to have sex with a woman, again I worry that my kids are watching this movie. There is tension and the need for release in a dangerous situation.

'next' we discover that small dots have been planted and we are spied on and the enemy has known some of our moves for days - near panic, we continue to try to evade.

At one point one of these insects flies into the vehicle I'm escaping in. I know this is bad and try to hold it down to close the small & dangerous doors (against the steering wheel). but there are too many and the agents come out and bite (or something) and now vision is thru a purple haze

Shortly later there is another crash and then we are confronted with something large and evil beyond comprehension. Fear wells up and I'm trying to choose a course of action, and awake to ponder wtf this dream was sent to me for?

here an hour later, having checked my email and taken time to reflect and absorb .. it's 0600, I'm awake for an hour and would rather not have awaken unitl 8:30 becuase it's a day with commitments ... still, now the dream feels clear enough.

My life is complex, there's decisions daily about how to get to a simpler, less stressful place (and most choices affect my kids). We've been reading LOTR aloud, and just lastnight we stopped in the midst of "the choices of master Samwise". Hehe, I guess my choices look easier than his anyhow :-)