A very crazy day
I sleep later than I want, but I'm up early enough to get the important things done. Work is gonzo today. Inspectors everywhere, and the tension level is up at a nice low boil, but things seem to be going well. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop.
Have to go, will finish later. So vote me down, You damn dirty apes!

OK, so I did ask for it, but still. -begin sarcasm-I apologize to you with the down votes for not taking more time to finish my daylog. Next time I'll simply ignore my duties here on the ship for your pleasure-end sarcasm-

-begin Rage-You know what? Fuck you, down voting scum. I hope you get an xp ass whupping by a couple e2 gods for the next month. Why don't you log off so you can kick puppies and pull the wings off of flies.-end Rage-

There, I feel better now. Feel free to vote as your conscious dictates. For myself, I will continue to strew up votes among the daylogs, or merely not vote at all.