I think I might have offered to bribe my marketing professor today. Except that he isn't really my professor anymore--he no longer teaches at the university--and I'm not really in class anymore. I've talked before (a day or so ago) about my mound of incompletes. They morphed into F's when I wasn't looking (something about waiting longer than 6 months to clear them--I don't know.) So I'm pretty much up the proverbial creek sans paddle, and a little desperate.

Anyway, he does dotcom stuff now, and I know he's busy, so I tried to offer him my skills (public relations, "content creation" etc) to help free up enough time to look at a couple of papers and give me a C...or a B or an A or whatever.

He responded with a "Give me a call.." and left numbers-day and evening ones. So anyway, either he wants no record of the transaction and is going to work me like a dog for a lousy B in International Marketing, or he's going to record it and turn me over to the university.

Or of course, maybe he's just going to read my stuff and give me a grade--who knows?