01:39:56: JayBonci: EDEV: The JS in the Message Inbox seems to be broken in IE 5.01 (w2k)... Anyone else see this?

01:48:19: JayBonci: EDEV: Its autofilling the recip, when it shouldn't, and it's going into the wrong box... ugh

01:49:53: Rancid_Pickle: EDEV: Saw that earlier and /msg'd N-Wing. Someone add a mouseover for shyts and giggles?

01:51:13: JayBonci: EDEV: RP: It's always been there, but the checkbox to disable it was working. It's weird...

03:57:38: nine9: EDEV: (JayBonci) it's broken for me too... (IE 5; win98) -- can someone not put it back?

04:16:22: JayBonci: EDEV: Got it! If someone could comment out the code in the top of the chatterbox nodelet (the HTML JS replyTo function), it's really breaking the Message Inbox. (it's conflicting with a function of the same name in the MI superdoc). Thanks.

06:15:42: N-Wing: EDEV: Dang it, who is messing with evil JavaScript? (but I renamed the functions in the chatterbox, so it should be fine now) Thanks, JayBonci

06:26:07: atesh: EDEV: Btw, N-Wing, are we going to be able to look at ENN without feeling drug induced? An option perhaps?

08:03:09: nine9: EDEV: thanks JayBonci and N-Wing...

20:22:34: Eraser_: EDEV: in looking at golden trinkets, is there any way to see how many times you've been blessed and cursed? i noticed the gods can lookup anyone karma ;-)

21:00:37: Chris-O: EDEV: whence cometh the (r) next to incoming msgs? nice touch.

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