00:18:19: m_turner: EDEV: personal nodelet - I have a node in there that is a name, but not a real node - the how to remeber html entities. Thats part of the beauty of the personal nodelet.

05:54:50: JayBonci: EDEV: Okay, question here. Why can't a content editor set a writeup to be of type definition, and thus non-votable. This came up yesterday when I was at ChiGrub's house. We saw that Yossarian had set a writeup of his to be of type definition...

05:57:51: JayBonci: EDEV: ... so that it could not get voted on. We tried to set a few ed logs to be of the same type (for now)... why can't we do something like that where a new writeuptype of type "announcement" be made simply for that purpose...

05:58:31: JayBonci: EDEV: ...so that they can create stuff without it being voted on... Stuff for newsification and the like...Thoughts?

05:58:48: anotherone: EDEV: C_Es can, it's just kinda tricky. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't... You have to sumbit it a few times before it 'sticks'.

07:45:25: JayBonci: EDEV: Comments strongly encouraged on my latest edev post, especially if you can solve my problem at the end of the first bug "fix" Also, please don't abuse the edevdoc. Thanks

13:22:25: Byzantine: EDEV: re C_E's making things definitions: as a1 says, we can, but it's tricky. Also editorial policy is to not do it except on actual definitions, or that's my understanding at least

13:45:20: JayBonci: EDEV: Byz and other CE's: So is there any way to make a writeup non votable, other than that? (A non - god method, that is). Just curious

17:10:13: bol: EDEV: The WST usergroup for the weekend soundtrack project is really cool. How about making Create Usergroup a level power?

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