Well, it was more of a daydream, in that, I fell asleep in class:

I dwelled in a sea castle with watery turrets and clownfish gliding through the windows. I had a hollow finger broken off the statue of liberty in my corner, so I might grow a sea anenome surrounded by some seaweed. I would eat that kelp. I had a dogfish, and instead of “bow wow” or “woof woof” he said “kelp help!” He also said “yip yip!

I also had a catfish who swam around in my empty skull (he was my brain). Sometimes that very intellectual catfish opened a trapdoor in my head and swam out. He swam into another head. Then they would clone themselves to make a baby. During that time I would be distracted by a physical response so powerful that I didn’t need my brain.

I kept a goblet, a clay one, full of ancient coins from China and from the vikings. My room was paved with gold, leftover remnants from Atlantis. I had a marble mirror (it miraculously reflected). I would sit in front of that mirror and stare into my own eyes and see the world above staring back at me. I would comb my re-e-e-e-e-e-eally long hair with a brush made of seaweed. My hair was so silky, mainly because it was always wet(!)

I one day found a compass. An old compass, from a shipwreck of an ancient civilisation. Inside there was a holographic map (I think it was from the future), and it led me to a cave. I swam in; but there was an ugly ugly moray eel. It sneered at me, but I wasn’t scared. I laughed at it because it was so ugly and cruel and it blushed, and did a sheepish grin, slinking away silently, allowing me to pass, so I swam through a garden of sea anenome, and they tickled me :) There was a baby octopus in there, but it was an alien, like the one in “Men In Black”. Finally, I realised that the water was shallow. I swam to the surface, and breathed air into my lungs for the first time to my recollection. Around me was this golden underground cavern. There were stoney stalagmites and stalactites. Just like in the log ride at Dreamworld, only more realistic. Then I stook up and to my surprise, I did not walk, but float!!!

It was a very curious feeling.