Well, it finally happened. I knew it would.

I started noding in my dreams.

Maybe some of you have been doing this for months, but it was new to me. All my other dreams were simply writeups, accessed by the framework of the E2 engine lodged in my head.

In one of these little adventures, I was reporting to work on a film shoot in Tompkins Square Park (except it looked more like Washington Square Park) when it began to rain. I took shelter in a cafeteria/bar (don't ask me) on the edge of the park and watched a fantastic lightning storm] play out through huge bay windows. I bonded with a cowboy-hatted stranger over the magnificence of it all.

Then I was back to receiving confusing vindictive /msgs from TheBooBooKitty. His real-life /msgs to me have never been confusing or vindictive, so I don't know what that was about. Maybe I'm just paranoid. Or maybe I should be on here a little less often.

Well, I was reading an encyclopedia last night, in my dreams... reading about the Redhead Rebellion. Or was it riots?

Well. Apparently, there was some sort of turmoil at York University (do they have a university in York?) where someone had decided to make sure that every single prefect in the university (mixed language: prefects would be associated with schools) would have red hair. But those engaged on important cancer research (in an old and dusty encyclopedia?) could remain.

And I was somewhere (possibly the old 'The Digital Village' HQ, or wherever the H2G2ers now reside in the BBC) with Douglas Adams, who is currently residing six foot under. I was announcing something on a tannoy... is there anything in the guide about tannoys? It seems to ring a bell.

It's a good job dreams don't have to make sense...

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