What a week. Sigh. I don't think I will ever have a real chance to get lonely. First off, I'm living with six other people, four cats and a dog. My daughter moved out of my house some months ago. That left my son living there, and my youngest son on the weekends and summer break. And I rent out two rooms in my house to help make ends meet. Lots of guys, I know, and all of them very nice ones I have to say.

My daughter moved back in for financial reasons two nights ago. My one roommate moved out the same night. So my living room is packed full of bags of clothes and stuff. My art car is filled with furniture. That's all fine, it's okay. Then my nephew, who had been staying with me, came back from a two week road trip to Arizona and I had to tell him to go back home to his dad cause I was out of space.

Why am I out of space? Don't I still have a vacant sofabed in the living room? No. My daughter also brought an out of work, out of home, friend of her "boy friend". He's going to renovate my kitchen though, so I told him he could totally stay.

He's actually going to stay in her room on the spare bed. So my nephew left (hope he took his stuff) and soon my living room will have less stuff in it than it does right now.

The other reason I don't think I'll ever get lonely, is the social life I'm pursuing. I'm dating a woman, and will probably stop dating her soon, and am meeting other women, and may start dating men again soon (probably not though, actually), it's only theoretical. I mean, I won't pursue it, but I won't stop talking to guys or something freaky like that cause I do like them.