Unique musical instrument developed by the Evolution Control Committee (see www.evolution-control.com/thimbletron.html for more information). Basically, it's a pair of gloves with thimbles over each fingertip and wires and things connecting it to a laptop running the proper software. What it does is cool, though -- it allows the sample-based sound collage musician to trigger samples on the fly simply by touching the thimbles to connections on the gloves (or something like that). Practically, this means that the Thimbletron-powered experimental musician no longer needs to perform hunched over a computer, pressing buttons and understimulating a crowd seeking to be ENTERTAINED -- but can move freely and put on a show! This has to be seen to be believed, but it really works great (I personally saw it impress a small roomful of punks who were most definitely NOT there for this particular part of the show). Please do yourself a favor and go to see the ECC if they're playing your town... you won't regret it.

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