An imporant mainstay of 1980s gamer terminology - video games to be more precise - "Keebler" refers to people who pick up every item without giving any other players a chance. It is derived from the elf in Gauntlet and Gauntlet II, as the elf is the fastest character, and thus best able to perform this activity. The usage spread to other video games, such that anyone who takes all of the items/power ups/1-ups/money in the game is referred to as such.

Keebler is both a noun describing the perpetrator of such behavior, and a verb meaning to behave in this fashion. Hence it is appropriate to say both that someone is a keebler, and that they do keebler, or that they are keeblering.

Keebler Company is the second-largest maker of cookies and crackers in the U.S. It was founded in 1853, and purchased by Kellogg in March of 2001. They sell foods not only under the Keebler brand, but also such mainstays as Cheez-It, Carr’s, Ready Crust, Famous Amos and Murray. Continuing the fairy tale creatures theme, their Little Brownie Bakers division produces cookies for the Girl Scouts of America.

Besides its actual products, Keebler is well-known for its animated cartoons, featuring baker elves which live in a hollow tree.

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