An informal educational organization dedicated solely to girls, GSUSA is the largest girls-only group in the world with more than 3.5 million girl members and nearly one million adult members. It was founded in 1912 by Juliette Gordon Low.

GSUSA groups girls by age and grade level. Daisy Girl Scouts are ages five or six, or in kindergarten or first grade. Brownie Girl Scouts are in grades one through three, or ages six to eight. Junior Girl Scouts are ages eight to eleven or in grades four through six. Cadette Girl Scouts are in grades seven through nine, or ages eleven to fourteen, and Senior Girl Scouts are ages fourteen through seventeen or in grades ten to twelve.

All activities sponsored by GSUSA are based on four program goals: developing self-potential, relating to others, developing values, and contributing to society. The selling of Girl Scout cookies, in particular, develops life skills such as goal setting, money management, and teamwork.

GSUSA is primarily structured into 318 councils throughout the country, each of which administers local troops. If a girl is unable to join a troop for some reason, she may participate as an individual Girl Scout. There are also special programs, including Campus Girl Scouts and USA Girl Scouts Overseas. The organization itself is run by a National Board of Directors, which is led by the National President. The National Executive Director oversees the National Staff, which is just one percent of the organization's adult membership. GSUSA's current National Honorary President is First Lady Laura Bush.

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