The COMPAQ PRESARIO 1692 is a laptop made by Compaq. It is based on a 433MHz AMD K6-2 CPU. It has a black case. Input is via touchpad and 88 key keyboard. It features a TFT Active Matrix LCD display in either 12" 800x600 or 14.1" 1024x768 (XGA) size and resolution. In stock form it has 64MB RAM, a 6.4GB hard disk drive, and a quad speed DVD-ROM. It comes with a basic floppy disk drive. Speakers (Designed by JBL) are integrated into the wrist rest.

The machine has one Keyboard/Mouse PS/2 port, one USB port, one serial port, one parallel port, one VGA port (which it can drive simultaneously with the LCD panel), and one docking port, as well as a 56k DSP-based winmodem from Lucent. This modem is supposedly one of the few winmodems supported by Linux.

Video is provided by the ATI Rage Mobility M1 3D Accelerator, a variation on the Rage LT Pro. It has 8MB of video memory, and is an AGP device.. Audio is an ESS PCI chipset. North and South bridge, including IDE and USB, are provided by an ALi chipset. The system has AGP and PCI buses, as well as a UDMA33 IDE controller.

In stock form, with the latest drivers from ALi and Compaq, the system gets 301 3Dmarks at 640x480x16bpp. It is not an amazingly fast system, but it is better than many laptops with a similar CPU. The video driver supplied by Compaq supports mirrored display (in which the external VGA connector and the LCD panel have the same image) and dual monitor support, in which the LCD panel and the external VGA connector are separate displays. This is not possible with the OEM drivers from ATI.

Specific ALi chipset support is included in linux kernel 2.4.x and later. Patches are available directly from ALi for 2.2.x kernels.


  • Physical dimensions: 1.97" x 12.2" x 10.08"
  • Weight: 7.5 lb.
  • CPU: 400 MHz AMD K6-2
  • Cache: 512KB L2
  • Chipset: ALADDiN 5
    • North Bridge: ALi M1541
    • South Bridge: ALi M1533
  • Disk: Fujitsu MHH2064AT (6.4GB UDMA33)
  • DVD-ROM: Toshiba SD-C2202 (Quad Speed)
  • Display: TFT Active Matrix LCD
    • 12.1" 800x600
    • 14.1" 1024x768 (XGA Resolution)
  • PCMCIA: One type II or one type III, cardbus
  • Audio: ESS Solo-1 PCI


Unlike many laptops, the Compaq Presario 1600 series features a socketed CPU. They all use the same mainboard, and they all take a K6-2 CPU, stock. However, by altering these jumper settings, it is possible to swap to a K6-2+, K6-3, or K6-3+ CPU.

There are two jumper blocks. The larger of the two (SW1) controls the clock multiplier, the bus frequency, and the type of LCD display you have. The smaller jumper block (SW2) controls voltage.

To set the multiplier, set SW1 as follows:

Multiplier   1    2    3
   2.0x      on   on   off
   3.0x      off  on   off
   3.5x      off  off  off
   4.0x      on   off  on
   4.5x      on   on   on
   5.0x      off  on   on
   5.5x      off  off  on
   6.0x      on   off  off

To set the bus speed, set SW1 as follows:

Speed   4    5
 75MHz  on   on
 83MHz  off  on
 95MHz  on   off
100MHz  off  off

Switches SW1-6 through SW1-10 set the display type. I do not currently have this information at hand.

To set the core voltage, set SW2 as follows:

Voltage   1    2    3    4
  1.8v    off  off  on   off
  2.0v    off  on   off  off
  2.1v    on   off  off  off
  2.25v   off  off  off  off
  2.3v    off  off  off  on


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